By creating fitness programs for children 7-12 years old, FUN-GO-FUN strives to provide as many positive opportunities for them as possible. We want kids to experience success, so we focus our children’s fitness classes on opportunities for the little ones to see success in themselves within every session, feel good about themselves and develop healthy self-esteem early in life.

Our main focus is to build positive early fitness experience to encourage lifelong participation. We believe that our role as children’s fitness coaches is to find unique and engaging ways to incorporate all positive health benefits of physical activity and exercise into a child’s life.

FUN-GO-FUN has chosen cooperation over competition, since competition can be motivating for some and leave others feeling less successful. We want all children in our programs to feel successful and happy with their fitness results.

The primary goals in our kid’s fitness training are enjoyment, safety, and lifelong involvement in healthy active living.

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